Yes & Yes (1) from Alizle on Vimeo.

Agniya Kuznetsova plays a young woman who strikes out on her own while exploring the art community of Moscow in Yes & Yes (2014). Looking for inspiration, an unnamed young woman goes bohemian and finds herself immersed in the cities underground culture. Soon her love of art has her dabbling in booze and drugs as she is quickly pulled into some dark places.

Agniya is the unnamed girl who will have your pants coming off and the sun shining some light on your dark places when she goes full frontal. In a long scene that has her hooking up with a guy we see her strip naked then get busy. Her small, perky milkers are out for much of the scene and we get some nice butt and bush shots as well. Throughout the movie she shows off her knockers on a few different occasions including one where she gets out of bed and searches for a robe. Her perky nipples will have you saying yes & yes to wrapping your hand around your flesh as she walks into the other room. This ultimately is a skintastic flick that shows plenty of Agniya’s naughty bits.


Yes & Yes Nude Scenes

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