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Following in the vein of many classic slasher flicks, The Slashening (2015) is a horror movie that takes a group of attractive women, puts them in a house and chops them up. When five close female friends get together for a weekend of hanging out, drinking, doing some drugs and having fun they find their party getting crashed by a couple of guys who want to join in the action and hopefully get some action. It doesn’t take long before the bad guy who wears a gunny sack on his head starts dispatching of the party goers one by one.

You’ll find yourself experiencing the throbbening when Anna Callegari, Elyse Brandau, and Lily Du strip down to their underwear and have a conversation about relationships. We get a ton of cleavage with close ups of them in their bras then we learn the bad guy is watching them. From his perspective we see them in bra and panties!


The Slashening – Nude Scenes

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