Sylvia Kristel Nude Scene in The Big Bet

Sylvia Kristel, Monique Gabrielle, Kim Evenson, Stephanie Blake Nude Scene, gorgeous gals in The Big Bet, Gal-less geek and chronic masturbator Chris (Lance Sloan) bets his buddies that he can get the nicely nipped new girl Beth (Kim Evenson) into bed within ten days in The Big Bet (1985). In a classic game of jock vs. nerd, Chris’s rival tries to sabotage the scene by blackmailing Beth, threatening to reveal a rumor that she was the star of a skintastic orgy at her previous high school if she sleeps with Chris. Confused and clueless, Chris’s life takes a turn for the breast when he delights in a little sex education from the seasoned older sweetie (Stephanie Blake) who just moved in across the street.

A natural as the naughty next-door neighbor, Stephanie gives rise to a growing boy’s fly by flaunting her warm form, from tits to toes, spread on a bed. Lance visualizes two scenarios where Kim removes her bikini top. We would have preferred if he’d envisioned a hundred scenarios, but two is fine. Lance tries the old elevator trick, but Kim won’t give in. So, he resorts to lifting her shirt. Nice tits!

The deflowered dork learned his love lessons well. Watch him giving it the old college try by taking a tour of Kim’s honking headlights, beefy bum, and bushy burgerage, all under the light of a single police-cruiser siren. Kim’s dangerous curves make a strange case for skindecent exposure.

Sylvia Kristel as Michelle Look through some binoculars to see Sylvia’s sweet rolls as she pulls on some stockings. This pretty pixie pops out of the shower to towel off her teats, while the ever-present Lance hides and peeps. She shows tit for Lance (and us!). Excellent nipplet close-up.

Monique Gabrielle as Fantasy Girl in Elevator, Lance dreams of getting this perfectly proportioned vixen totally nude in an elevator. All 3 B’s in this heightened fantasy! While making out, Lance Sloane exposes her bra, then pulls her right titty out. And a good time is had by all.


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