Sylvia Kristel Nude Scene in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Sylvia Kristel Lady Chatterley’s Lover (UK/FR 1981) [HD 1080p] Anyone looking for an entertainment packed with pulse-quickening, illicit sexual thrills would be better off bypassing the original literary works by English author of manners D.H. Lawrence and instead diving into the movie adaptations of his oeuvre, such as the solidly satisfying Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1981). Since Lawrence departed this earth before motion pictures had fully arrived, he could nigh have imagined his masterpiece of a rich, neglected wife taking to the sheets with her nelly husband’s hunky gatekeeper being brought to visual life replete with lingering looks upon nips, buns, and pubic wisps. If Lawrence had foreseen the brazen nudity to come, he might have blushed and been slightly less bold; so be grateful that the past’s ignorance of the future preserves the inspiration for today’s bliss.

Coolly skintillating Sylvia Kristel’s creamy complexion is a pure delight from lips to bush to toes as she reclines in repose within the amorous grasp of her devoted man. Sylvia Kristel as Lady Constance Chatterley, Some Kristel-clear full-frontal action as Sylvia undresses before the mirror, then fans the fur as she fantasizes about the gardener. With the gardener now in her bedroom, Sylvia strips off for a nice close-up of her booming breasts and burning bush. Hello, Mr Tongue! Phenomenal full frontal from Sylvia as she and low rent Kevin Kline get busy in the boudoir while her crippled husband sneaks up the stairs! Full frontal fun as the gardener landscapes Sylvia’s body with flowers, trailing them all the way down to her shrubbery. A nice look at Sylvia’s suck sacks as she lies on the floor by the fireplace with some dingus! Sylvia’s suck sacks are exposed thanks to her open blouse as low rent Kevin Kline holds her from behind! Soggy saggies and saturated snatch as Lady Chatterly dances naked in the rain. Long distance for the most part. Sylvia’s left snoob peeks out from behind her guy’s arm as he cups its right-sided mate. He’s unwilling to have that hand pried away from the prize–perfectly understandable.

Although naked beyond reproach as the titular Lady Constance Chatterley, sinuous and sexy Sylvia Kristel is best known and best viewed as the original flying-fur icon of 1970s sexual adventurism, Emmanuelle. See how legends are made in Emmanuelle (1974), Emmanuelle 2 (1975), and Good-bye, Emmanuelle (1977).


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