Sophie Marceau Nude Scene in Belphegor – Le fantome du Louvre

Sophie Marceau Nude Scene, naked boobs in Belphegor – Le fantome du Louvre (FR 2001) When a team of archaeologists performs a CAT scan on an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, they release the evil spirit trapped inside in the Francophone fright fest Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre (2001). Parisian piece of poontang Sophie Marceau is a woman who chases her runaway kitty into the museum, where she becomes possessed by Belphegor and begins stealing antiquities from the museum. Before she starts stealing things, she’ll steel your thing when she flashes her ass. Now that’s a work of art.

Before the spirit of an ancient demon can possess Sophie’s body, he has to see it. To facilitate this, she drops her robe and gives us a good look at her perfect posterior. Belphegor is based Arthur Bernède’s 1927 novel The Mystery of the Louvre.


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