Sharon Stone Nude Scene in Blood and Sand

Sharon Stone Nude Scene, bare boobs and butt in Blood and Sand, Blood and Sand (1989) is yet another remake of the bullfighting saga, and American actor Christopher Rydell stars as a married matador who’s corrupted by Sharon Stone as a spoiled rich Spaniard American. Stone’s already busy playing vixens, though, and it isn’t long before Rydell returns to his humble bride. He still manages to have his fun with Sharon, including an outdoor oral tryst that’ll get your dick shouting, “Olé!”

A topless Sharon Stone lets her matador lover stab her rampaging pussy with his tongue. Meanwhile, your zipper will get gored by the horn sticking out of your pants.

In addition to showcasing young Sharon Stone, Blood and Sand provides another twist to the filmography of lead Christopher Rydell. He’s seriously miscast as a character named Juan but would later make up for it as the lead in Dario Argento’s bizarre thriller Trauma (1993).

Sharon Stone as Doña Sol, Sharon leans back against a tree and lets her loverman tongue-trim her bush outside. Her pert young boobs protrude front-and-center as she shags on the ground, too. Sharon’s left chest-Stone stars in a too-dark sex scene where she rides some dude in bed. Side-ass and a few brief right breast shots as Sharon accepts some man-tool on a table.


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