Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres Nude Scene in If These Walls Could Talk 2

A double bundle of rough cuddling blondes as high-profile labe licker Ellen DeGeneres grapples in the naked grasp of the world’s smartest vagina, Sharon Stone. Ellen DeGeneres as Kal, Brief look at her right breast while she and Sharon Stone enjoy a little sisterly love. Anne Heche must have been fuming. Sharon Stone as Fran, Brief glimpse of Shazza’s breasts while Ellen Degeneres takes off her top, followed by a little brief buttocks and side boobage as they make love. Ellen had to have produced this film, right?

Notorious nutjob Anne Heche (at the time the proclaimed lover of alterna-darling DeGeneres) provided the blonde frosting on Stone and Ellen’s flaxen carnal cake, acting as director on their chick-rich sex scene.


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