Nathalie Press Nude Scene in Po etapu ( In Tranzit )

Nathalie Press Nude Scene, slender and sexy ass women in Po etapu ( In Tranzit ) 2008, After WWI is over, a group of German POWs is mistakenly taken to a Soviet prison camp run by women in the Russian drama In Tranzit (2008). The female guards who run the camp start to use mind games on the prisoners to find the SS officers among them, and things quickly get out of control as the guards’ anti-German sentiment overrides their reason. A sadistic officer played by John Malkovich makes Natalie Press take off her top in front of the camp, and Vera Farmiga bares T&A in bed with her boyfriend. In Tranzit is a trip to Skin-ingrad!

Take a trip down to Vera’s farm-iga and check out her melons and apple-bottom as she has prison sex with some dude. Natalie Press as Zina, Mean Malkovitch watches Natalie strip out in the cold, and a bunch of soldiers eyeball her ice-cold chesticles.


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