Lara Phillips, Connie Nielsen Nude Scene in The Ice Harvest

Lara Phillips, Connie Nielsen Nude Scene, See a scintillating non-nude scene of Connie Nielsen in The Ice Harvest (2005) The Christmas season is not generally thought of as being the perfect time for a double-cross crime caper, but the unusual juxtaposition of yuletide jollity and desperate thievery is the first among many offbeat absurdities that flow like charm and cheer from a viewing of The Ice Harvest (2005). Director Harold Ramis, known and revered for the raucous comedy of Caddyshack (1980), Groundhog Day (1993), and Analyze This (1999), continues his hitting streak of hilarity in this slapstick saga of a bumbling lawyer embezzler at the mercy of an ethically challenged strip-club owner after having ripped off a cool two million from a Kansas City Mafia chief. Santa has rarely showed up with a more delightful bag of tricks and surprises.

No need to fast forward further than a mere five minutes here. Work your own pole while watching lovely Lara Phillips, resplendent in a crack-splitting thong and naked knockers, take the stage at a strip joint. Connie Nielsen as Renata, See a scintillating non-nude scene of Connie Nielsen. Lara Phillips as Rusti, Lovely Lara sports a tiny thong and a nasty-looking shiner to accessorize her incredibly nice teats when she works the stripper pole onstage.

If you’d like to harvest co-star Connie Nielsen’s nakedest parts, we’d like to advocate watching The Devil’s Advocate (1997). Not only do you get a trio of bobbling B’s from this Danish dish, you get special bonus Charlize Theron frontal. It’s enough to make a guy feel devilish.


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