Angeliki Papoulia, Michele Valley, Mary Tsoni Nude Scene in Kynodontas

Angeliki Papoulia, Michele Valley, Mary Tsoni Nude Scene, Great Nudity!, White, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body in Kynodontas (GR 2009), Angeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni, and Hristos Passalis are three unnamed teenage siblings driven insane by the isolated existence pushed on them by their evil parents (Christos Stergioglou and Michele Valley) in the skin-filled Greek flick Dogtooth (2009). The only outsider allowed on the premises is Anna Kalaitzidou, a woman brought in by the father to relieve his son’s sexual urges and prevent him from getting too close to his sisters. But soon Anna turns her attentions to the older daughter and things quickly start getting skinteresting. There’s tons of lesbian sex and full nudity from Mary, Anna and Angeliki. Greece is the word!

Bushy bush, booby boobs, and bouncing butt when she jerks off a jerk then lets him screw her on a rickety bed. Anna and her man(na) peel down to their nothings before she jerks his gherkin and lets him put it in. Great full frontal and plenty of ass! ggeliki (on the left) and Mary approach the tub and hop in to join a dude, baring all three B’s (and rare back burger!) along the way. A fantastic bra-only scene where Anna chats with her guy in bed. See her nips peeking over the bra before she gets on all fours, butt up. nna drops her drawers and goes bottomless to prepare to lez out with Aggeliki Papoulia. Euro-bush ahoy! Miss Valley’s hills look excellent when she reclines on her hubby’s lap. Sausage alert! See some right side gorgeous Greek gazong when Anna slips into a bra and shirt after sex. See the Valley that is Michele’s rump when she strips off her undies in bed. Unfortunately, her husband does too, and shows even more.


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