Ana Girardot, Jenna Thiam, Céline Sallette, Clotilde Hesme Nude Scene in Les Rev…

Ana Girardot, Jenna Thiam, Céline Sallette, Clotilde Hesme Nude Scene, Great Nudity!, White, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body, Skinternational in Les Revenants s01-02 (FR 2012-2015) Géraldine, like so many French actresses, is more than willing to disrobe for a role. She exemplified this by going full-frontal for her debut performance in 1991’s ~La Neige et le feu~, most notably in a long, well-lit shower scene. After a few years making a name for herself in French cinema, Géraldine branched out, ever so slightly, by appearing in some more “international” fare, including 1995’s ~Don Juan DeMarco~ and ~Suite 16~, both of which had, at the very least, ~some~ English in them. The latter film also happened to offer up some more looks at her heavenly body, although this time she limited her nudity to a few brief hootage shots. Later that same year, Géraldine appeared in all her naked glory again, this time taking her mandatory turn opposite Gérard Depardieu in ~Le Garçu ~. For her hottest action to date, though, one needs to check out 1999’s ~ Peut-être~, in which she gets it on in a rather explicit sex scene, again showing off just about every inch of her savory frame.


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